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running VESC firmware on Nucleo-f401re

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running VESC firmware on Nucleo-f401re

Dear friends, please, help me to run VESC firmware on NUCLEO f401re board. 

Short describe of my project:

I need steering BLDC motor 150W in laboratory vacuum chamber, before I use flipsky 4.20 and it work perfekt. But unfortunatelly during experiments in vacuum chamber I have some problem with controller board (due to overheating from external experimental devices and plazma sparks) STM chip burn out. 

For my application size of board doesn't matter, and I using Kikad project from your Github make my own big board, where I replace stm32f4xx chip with nucleo.

Now I try to run firmware on Nucleo. 

Can you help me:

1) Is it necessary reflash bootloader on nucleo?