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VESC Express


I find the VESC Express a quite great tool for system improvement, however the tool itself could use a little debug.

- currently on my system the express tool connection settings (e.g. name, password, enable etc) are being reset to default after reboot or reconnection, so it practically it is not possible to change them. I was able to do so on FW6.00, but not anymore. Write function, and reload function works, but they would only take effect after reboot, which resets them. What is quite strange I was able to change once the name, but could not connect to phone.

- at FW6.00 and maybe at 6.02 as well, the password for BLE connection has to be the same length as default (6), but it is possible to change it to other length, but it wont work. It is maybe true for TCP key too. It should be noted or restricted if it shall stay 6.