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Problems driving motors in RPM mode

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Problems driving motors in RPM mode

I'm trying to drive motors in RPM mode (with a propeller load), my project requires the RPM commanding. I've seen the YouTube videos where VESC is driving KDE motors and T-Motors so I purchased one KDE5215XF-22 and one U10-II KV100 to experiment with. What I'm finding is that in RPM mode, the motors are having a problem starting up - they studder and shake a bit and sometimes don't start - I'm not entirely sure why... Also, when running, they tend to wind up, which sounds like the integrator in the PID loop needs to be adjusted. 

I don't see much in the way of documentation on this subject. Can anyone shed light on these problems and point me in the direction of documentation on tuning the system? Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing any.  

I should also mention that I'm running in sensorless configuration (No Halls).

Update - I made my own board from the schematic provided, as identical as possible, the drive frequency is 14kHz, using 48V to drive the motors.