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VESC Tool crashes when loading/saving motor/app config

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VESC Tool crashes when loading/saving motor/app config

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has this issue? I've just downloaded the latest version of VESC tool (6.00), and I'm unable to save or load motor/app configurations. All other functionality seems to be fine. I've also tried to use older versions of VESC tool, but the same thing keeps happening. 

This issue happens regardless of whether I have a VESC connected to the software or not. 

I'm using Windows 10, which I assume is up to date with Windows Updates. The save/load functionality was working a month ago. 

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Hi All, 


Im having the same issue, has there been any fix? I just downloaded the most recent version of VESC tool (V6.02)...


*Edit*: I tried running on another PC with a lower native resolution (1080p instead of 4k) and it works. I scaled down the resolution on the 1st pc but no avail. It might have something to do with the graphics adapter, or the GUI interface code??