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Sensored mode studering

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Sensored mode studering

Im quite new to VESC, never used sensored motors (well, more like a sensored ESC to utilize sensored function)


I "think" i understand erpm (desired rpm/magnets)...

Sensorless mode works perfect, however, sensoredmode, (in any way, BLDC hybrid, FOC) won't get above 30% throttle before motor jolts back and forth, or studders.  I've tried messing with the hybrid settings, switching over to sensorless more (I only need sensored up to maybe 80-120 motor rpm) but I guess I'm just getting REALLY confused.  I had a sensored run, running all the way up on a 6s, but I'm trying to use 18s, and Ik sensored isn't so good at higher RPM.


(Also, I'm somehow bursting like 200+ a, the motor is free air, but I think that's just from its completely violent movement once it gets to that point.