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Power cutoff without any warning

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Power cutoff without any warning

So I have recently built an euc from scratch and I decided to use a flipsky 75100 running off a 13s battery. Well my first problems arose instantly when I couldn't get the motor to turn with keyboard controls only it making god awful sounds. Well I managed to get it to work with the balance app usign a mpu6050 external gyro/accel. Then I started having issues of it randomly starting to tip over and when I got this to happen while connected to my computer the live gyro reading were showing the angle was way out of wack and the accel was reading -8 g's in each direction. But I've tested this gyro module on an arduino and had no problems and even replaced it twice. While that problem hasn't shown up in a bit its still weird. My most recent issue is the most egregious and painful. Randomly when I'm riding it just cuts power and sends me flying off (ouch). The power led goes out and I measure my 13s battery as just under 5 volts across the terminals while connected to the controller which is probably not good. I'm at a complete loss and it is very frustrating and painful to repeatedly watch this thing fail when I really need to be able to trust it. Maybe it's the battery bms cutting power under some condition or an exception being thrown that I should disable. It will go many hours fine then have another crash and then repeatedly fail to the point it won't stay on for more than a minute. There doesn't seem to be anything consistent leading up to these events and I can't track down the issue at all. And the last time this happened after flying off I walked back and stood it up and it resumed power and started balancing which is so confusing.

I'm at a complete loss here and just about ready to give up, does anybody have any ideas of what's wrong/how to fix it?

Anything at all would be much appreciated.

I'll try to watch this post and respond to any clarifying questions.



EDIT: I just tried to turn it on and within the minute it turned off and I couldn't get it to power up at all. Worried I tried plugging it into the charger and that powered it up. Not ten seconds later I unplugged it and the battery alone kept it powered for several minutes (before I turned it off). And try as I might I did not get it to lose power. The inconsistency here makes it a nightmare to track down.

EDIT EDIT: Turned it on again and it pretty much immediately failed, maybe a problem with my bms? I did replace a set of four cells in the pack after one ruptured. Also battery voltage is at 52/54.6V for those wondering so its not exactly dead.