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Flipsky 6.6 and VESC 5.3 don't mix?

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Flipsky 6.6 and VESC 5.3 don't mix?

Just wasted 2 hours trying to adjust the second VESC on a Motor with the 3.01 Tool.

 I have updated the Firmware 4-5 times to 5.3 but the Flipsky device didn't swallow on the second VESC. 

I tried switching USB ports and connections but didn't work. 

So after my patience was running out I tried the VESC tool 0.94 and after downgrading the Firmware the VESC Tool asked me if I am on Master or Slave VESC. 

With that I was able to Run my Motors, but it was Frustrating after that experience. 

So my question is what could have been adjusted in the 3.01 VESC tool to get it running? 

Also how can I adjust the low end power of the Motors?   Thanks in advance.