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HFI Tuning - "Start Voltage" Question

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HFI Tuning - "Start Voltage" Question

Hello, I am tuning my HFI parameters for the Start voltage specifically, and I noticed that up to a certain point the FFT Phase Bin2 values stop improving once Start Voltage reaches a certain point.

I am running a 5010 360kV pancake drone motor at around 11.3v. Ths motor has very good Lq-Ld (around 50% of total inductance at 20% duty)

Is there any way to predict what voltage a particular motor would require for it to saturate based on known FOC detection params?

Thanks, Jordan

FOC Detection Params (~75g Mini Outrunner)
R - 157.2 milliOhms
L - 85.26 uH
Lq-Ld - 36.86 uH
Flux Linkage - 2.294 mWb