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Which App to use and how to wire it

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Which App to use and how to wire it

Hi knowledageable people. I'm very very new to this and trying to get my head around a plan for a DIY electric outboard, using a flipsky 75100, and incorporating a standard ebike throttle, a reverse button, a cruise button, a killswitch, and a uart bluetooth dongle for app control.

My plan is to use ADC1 for the throttle, and hopefully connect the bluetooth dongle to UART 2 to keep it out of the way. 

My question is, what app do I need to use in the tool to enable both? If I select ADC + UART will it try to assign the UART onto the UART 1 pins that I think I need to use for buttons? Can I simply use ADC and still have the bluetooth module work on the UART 2 connection? 

And secondly, what do I need to connect the 3 buttons too in order to get the functionality I want in each app.

I know this is broad and I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I'm looking but not findign anything solid. 

Thanks in advance,