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VESC 75/300 with 120100 motor for hydraulic pump unit

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VESC 75/300 with 120100 motor for hydraulic pump unit

Ciao everyone,

we've been having some issues with out setup and I was hoping to get some answers on the forum here before reacing out to Trampa directly.
So a quick introduction on our setup:

We're running a 75/300 VESC to power a 120100 Alien Power motor that in turn has to run a pump that will provide up to 250bar of pressure in our system and up to 24 liters per minute in terms of flow.
The motor is fully submerged inside the oil tank, whilst the VESC is outside.

We will eventually be running the VESC using CAN input and to simulate this in our test bench we have a simple CAN controller setup that send an eRPM command to the VESC.

This setup works just fine on our old hydraulic pump units where we have 2 VESC6 controllers running much smaller motors and pumps.

For the new setup we've been running into many different issues:
- The CAN remote controller often doesn't work, rebooting every now and then seems to work and it also seems to be affected by whether we've connected the VESC to the laptop or not...
- The CAN remote controller often frreezes, also this seems to be somehow affected by the connection to the laptop and the VESC tool.
- We can no longer detect the HALL SENSORS using the VESC tool (not sure why, initially it was working just fine)

We have a 12090 motor and this seems to run much better and also seems to have less issues in terms of freezing / not working... Can it be that the motor is causing the VESC / CAN remote controller to freeze?

Hoping to solve this problems, otherwise the only option would be to swap the motor and to place the 12090 motor which is less suitable for the application and will heat up more which is not desirable...
However we would probably get a new motor to see if that will solve the issue in case the issue is indeed related to the motor.

Thanks in advance,


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5V logic supply shoud be observed for any noise, much ripple or voltage drop.