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Porting VESC to STML4

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Porting VESC to STML4


I am trying to port VESC firmware on STML4 controller with more recent version of ChibiOs.

I am using STM with frequency of 120MHz with one ADC which can work on 120MHz,  I am using only foc control and have an issue with current control and current measurements.

When I try to start motor with current control current is constantly increasing until ABS_OVER_CURRENT fault is triggered, also when I start motor with duty control and turn on real time data motor current is fluctuating a lot.

My ADC vector looks like this:/*

* ADC Vector
* 0 (1): IN1 SENS1
* 1 (2): IN2 SENS2
* 2 (3): IN3 SENS3
* 3 (4): IN13 CURR1
* 4 (5): IN12 CURR2
* 5 (6): IN11 CURR3
The calculation time in DMA interrupt is around 40 microseconds.
So is it possible to control motor in foc mode with only one ADC and 30% less computing power or triple ADC is needed?
Thanks in advance !