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Flipsky 75200 + Flipsky 85135 12kw only 2kw output

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Flipsky 75200 + Flipsky 85135 12kw only 2kw output

Hello! Trying to build foil with 2x Flipsky 85135 which is 140kv
I Have 14s battery at 52 volts, so i'm trying to achieve 7280 rpm,

but maximum i can achieve is 5600rpm with duty cycle 98%, with very small amperage.

when i put it to water it can achieve only 1600rpm with 2kW at 30% duty cycle, amperage from battery is 40A, to motor is 130A. i tried all variety of functions, raising all available params to max values, in particular max amperage to 250A, which is more then max for this vesc. but no luck. this is maximum

i tried changing linkage and other physical params, in different steps, motor runs smoother, but no power advances.
after several automatic motor calibration flipsky 75200 burned.
then i tried to bump voltage even higher to 68 volts, and during autodetect it is also burned. So i burned in total 2 flipsky 75200 without any gain.
What should i do? Change Flipsky for another ESC, which one? i have another 2 spare flipsky, what experiment can i make to make more power. 2kW is not enough to go on foil.

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not foc, bldc mode could be tested, 7000rpm should be reached.