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How to use an IMU and a PPM remote parallel

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How to use an IMU and a PPM remote parallel


(not beeing an expert in this topic,)I am currently working with a already given setup of two single Flipsky FSESC4.12  with 50A connected via CAN-Bus (parent child compound) to power a electric skateboard. There is an implemented inertial measuring unit that sends acceleration data to the parent via UART for further processing. Additionally, I have a Bluetooth low energy module connected to the child but it was only used for setup reasons since now.

However, I wanted to add a remote control without using the functions of the IMU sending data to the ESC.

My ideas are:

1. Override the data from the IMU only when the remote sends information.

2. Switch between IMU mode or remote mode with a button on the remote.

3. There is a way to get the remote data via the Bluetooth module even when connected to the child.


Does anyone have any ideas how to implement the remote successfully? Or is there an article that already discussed this problem?