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Unable to connect to vesc through can bus

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Unable to connect to vesc through can bus

Hello !


I'm developing a C++ driver with a Qt interface to send inputs to my fsesc through can bus from py PC in order to command a DC motor and to read the current from the esc .

As I'm still learning I wanted to do it step by step and begin by connecting my PC to the FSEC to send a simple command by hand in the terminal.

I'm using a USB to CAN converter and 'can0' is detected in VescTools 3.00.

After twisting some parameters (I'm using ubuntu 18.04) to make the can network up and adding more buffer space I was able to get rid of the error messages on vesctools (can network down and no buffer space available). Can0 is up (I can confirm it with ifconfig) and I set the baudrate as 1000 kb/s as requested in vesc tools


But now I'm stuck with other error messages in the terminal where I launched vesctools, that isn't very explicit. The first one is when I click on "scan" in the can bus tab :

RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted

WARNING (:0 ): Cannot apply parameter: 4 with value: 500000.


But vesctools still displays "Connected(CAN bus) to can0" in the bottom right of the screen.


Then when I click on 'connect' I have 'Could not read firmware version. Make sure that the selected port really belongs to the VESC' with the same error message in the terminal as previously.


Does someone know the meaning of this error ? Is it only caused because of a bad setup of the can bus converter ?


Any help is appreciated ! laugh