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Dual motor control on VESC6 / 6.00.58

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Dual motor control on VESC6 / 6.00.58

I need to be able to control 2 motors simultaneously using VESC for an RC vehicle. I'm currently using an STM32F407 and VESC firmware version 6.00.58 to do this. Right now, I can get one motor at a time to spin, but I can't figure out how to get both to spin simultaneously at different speeds or directions. 

The software has a flag for enabling dual motor support, and we can control two motors, but not simultaneously independently (simultaneous run, independent speed/direction). Based on that I designed around the STM32F407 using the VESC6_Plus schematic.

I had to remap some of the pins to align with timers - there was only one option to be able to connect two motors. The design works beautifully, I have no problem driving them independently, just having problems with getting the software to run them simultaneously and independently control speed and direction. 

Has anyone done this successfully or has anyone got an idea on how to do it?

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The software is not capable to controlling two motors independently without using additional LISP or QML scrips.

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I will be looking into something similar, in order to get vector thrusting for two motors, in addition to having a PIB programmed to counteract wobble decteced to IMU sensor. Would be interested to get in touch with anyone doing something similar.