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Vesc EDU non beta firmware?

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Rick van der Sloot
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Vesc EDU non beta firmware?

How to get firmware for the VESC EDU boards which can be used with Vesctool 3.01?

Vesctool 3.01 states that it doesn't have a suitable firmware for the hardware version.

Upto now I used the Beta Vesctool, but there the HFI Plot doesn't work, which does work in 3.01.

But 3.01 goes into 'limp' mode because the firmware on the board is not supported.

So tuning HFI voltage will become very labor intensive as switching/starting  VESC tools on my Windows machine take ages.

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The EDU is newer than the stable VESC-Tool. Vedder compiled a FW that works with the stable Tool. You can download it here: