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Trouble Detecting ABI Encoder on VESC6/75

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Trouble Detecting ABI Encoder on VESC6/75

Hello All,

I am working on using a VESC 6/75V to control the rear wheels of a mobile robot. The singular BLDC motor goes through a 22:1 differential gearbox to move both wheels:

I am able to use the motor in sensorless mode after FOC detection; however, the motor is quite jittery at low speeds despite tuning the PID. I then decided to integrate a 4096 CPR ABI encoder on the rear output shaft of the motor to improve performance. 

When manually rotating the wheels, I can see a clean encoder output in the VESC tool: However, when running encoder detection at various current settings (10A - 30A) the output of the encoder in the VESC tool is noisy and does not make much sense to me: In addition, the encoder detection never completes and the motor remains constantly rotating. Does anyone have any advice on how to tackle this problem?

Any suggestion is appreciated, thank you!



48V 1000W BLDC Motor:

Motor Configuration XML: