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Motor Controller + Motor + Lecture

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Motor Controller + Motor + Lecture

Hi all.

I found this site and it looks very impressive. Also I think it is perfect to get my problems solved 😊

My problem is:

I need some motor controller for a 1.5kW motor, 58V. I think the 75/300 suits here very good.


My questions are:

1. Do you have any idea to have good "test motors"? Where can I buy these?

2. Is here somebody who can make a lecture in an online meeting? This would save a lot of time for me. Of course I would give some money for that.

Thanks :)



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How do you define test motor? Motors can differ quite a lot, depending on the use purpose and other factors.

In VESC-Tool you can plot your motor and graph out effiecencies etc. So at least you can compare different motors.