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Older VESC BLDC Firmware Version Source Code

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Vikram Bhat
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Older VESC BLDC Firmware Version Source Code

Hi all!

I am running vesc firmware 5.02 and would like to make a few small changes and re-compile it. However I can't find the source code for 5.02 anywhere, only compiled versions. On github there's a master (or latest) dev branch, and a release_5_03 branch, but no older versions. If I want to work off of the 5.02 source code, is it possible? I can't find a git branch or tag anywhere that has saved the code state from 5.02. If I need to I can work off of 5.03 but I would much prefer to work off of 5.02, if at all possible. 


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Git hub has a history and you can go back in time. Click on that little clock and you will get a structure presenting you all the updates.