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Motor always accelerates to maximum speed

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Motor always accelerates to maximum speed

I've been working with VESC and I had my motor working fine... a couple weeks ago. I have it hooked up to a microcontroller and I'd increase/decrease motor speed via PWM (PPM). When I first ever used VESC, I could press the brake button at the bottom and it would actually initiate brakes. Now it doesn't. I also now have no way to control the motor speed without setting the input for PID Speed Control (but I need regen braking).

So I have no braking at all and giving the ESC a high signal - no matter the strength, will slowly boost the motor to the max speed. I had to limit the max speed so I could actually test and try to fix it, but no progress the past two days. I reset the ESC multiple times but can't get anything working how it use to.

The control type I was using before was "Current", though that works just as "Current Hyst Reverse With Brake", simply ramping the motor up to max speed following a speed curve.

I suppose the first issue to fix is allowing speed control. Each increment of signal to the ESC should increase the current by a set amount. It's currently on FOC mode, and any other mode simply will not move the motor.

The issue also immediately started after trying to setup input to try and allow for braking - so it didn't occur after some large electrical surge or such, the ESC seems to be completely functional.


Any advice would help. Thanks.

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For the control type  "Current",it is normal that simply ramping the motor up to max speed following a speed curve.