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How to keep motor at 0RPM

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How to keep motor at 0RPM


I've been working on a project where the motor will have pressure on it to turn. However, I want the motor to resist the force and stay stationary. Basically, instead of moving something, I want the motor to stop something from moving. Does anyone have a clue on how to accomplish this using the software?

Currently, I have the 75100 FSESC and I control the motor via a raspberry pi and a couple buttons.


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You will need a very accurate position sensor like AS5047P. With that in place you can control the position via position control commands. The motor would try to hold it's position with the max torque it can produce. This could also be done without senors if the motor is salient enough and has sufficient high enough KV. But the FSESC controller has no phase filters and would not be a suitable HW to handle this task without plenty of noise.

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I'm so lucky to have a youtube video. It answered a lot of questions about some of the sensors I was working on.

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Hi Frank

Without the Phase Filter the noise you mentioned, is it “bad” will it damage the motor or controller or is it just a nuisance?  The noise I am getting is not very load or annoying but I am getting a little head build up over time in the stationary position but I haven’t measured the temperature over a long period yet.


Thank you