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VESC Setup - Fluctuating/Unstable Duty Cycle/eRPM/Current

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VESC Setup - Fluctuating/Unstable Duty Cycle/eRPM/Current


I am using a MKSESC Mini V6.7, based on the VESC 6 hardware.

I have connected a small inrunner 6 pole BLDC motor with a small fan attached from an HP BladeSystem C7000 for testing.
I am able to set up the motor using the FOC autodetection wizard, and the motor runs very smoothly during this setup phase. Following this, when I use the boxes on the lower left hand corner of VESC-Tool to manually run the motor, the motor runs in an unstable way. The duty cycle varies greatly, even though the duty cycle is presumably supposed to be fixed in "Duty Cycle" control mode. I'm wondering if there is something that I need to tune or fix to make the motor run as smoothly as the setup program.

I have attached a photo of the realtime graph

Would anyone have any experience with this issue or setting up the VESC motor controller? I have tried to adjust the PID settings, which I am able to use to get the ERPM graph smooth in ERPM mode, but the noise due to presumably the fast changing currents persists

Thanks!Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 4.43.52 PM.png