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Plz Help Me, im at the end of my rope.....(Flipsky 4.12)

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Plz Help Me, im at the end of my rope.....(Flipsky 4.12) currently building a Direct Drive Motor for use in sim racing games. Im using a Mige 130st-m10010 AC servo motor/FSESC 4.12/Stm32F407 Discovery board/24V/15A DC power supply/Can-Bus/ and vesc tool and honestly, everything is working as it should....encoder detected, FOC detected and App settings are filled in using an .XML file....My problem is, that when i leave VESC Tool to go do anything, like calibrate the wheel in a seperate app(EMC Utility) it doesnt register my encoder! its so frustrating because on two seperate occasions ive gotten it to work, even ran a few races with it, but i cant get it to do it anymore......i made a point to save my motor config and app settings so i could just enter them with.XML thinking it would work every time, but nope no such luck. im sure im just missing something small, some setting im not getting right but its driving me mad! Anyone have any idea what the issue could be? id really appreciate any help you could offer....i will post pics of my wiring and schematics, as well as my VESC Tool settings.....if i cam figure out how to upload pics on here.


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If the device is loosing the settings, then it is broken. In that case you would need to get in touch with the vendor.

For steering wheel applications it is important to define a zero position and that must be adjusted each time you boot the unit. The only way around this is using absolute encoders on the steering wheel side ( after the gearing)  and a motor position encoder on the motor side (ideally a precise encoder like AS5047P). Then the absolute encoder is used to drive the wheel to a defined position.