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VESC with asynchronous motors

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VESC with asynchronous motors


First of all, I need to clarify several things. We're building different 3 phase linear induction and linear permanent magnet motors in our lab. We used;

completely discrete h bridges (3 pieces for each phase)

bldc motor driver from amc (using fake hall input)


and all motors work flawlessly ! of course using sinusoidal or ramp changes motor characteristics but it is another topic.

For our last robotic application, we want to use vesc for linear induction motor.


We test vesc, we could get some vibrations on motor but couldn't run as expected. We guess it is because of security checks or r-l calculations or something. We want to use vesc completely open loop.

I want to simulate hall sensors for a specific frequency and use pwm (or analog) singal for amplitude to run motor. How can I get the bare minimum application from this esc? Too many settings and kinda confusing.