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VESC Remote - Input Deadband setting causing severe input delay as well as changing deadband

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VESC Remote - Input Deadband setting causing severe input delay as well as changing deadband

I've had this issue for the longest time where if I plug my Flipsky VX1 remote into my Focbox Unity or my Lacroix Stormcore ESCs it works fine.

This is a video that shows what happens if I crank the throttle wheel all the way to the top and immediately release:

However if I instead use my Flipsky VX2 instead of my Flipsky VX1 controller, there is this quarter-of-a-second delay between cranking the wheel and anything happening.

Here's a video of cranking the wheel to the top and releasing quickly using the VX2:

As you can see nothing happens.

Someone in this thread at the forum suggested I try changing the "Input Deadband" setting from its default of 15% to zero:

I couldn't imagine how this would help - deadband would not have anything to do with this delay - I'm cranking the wheel all the way to the top - far beyond any conceivable deadband and the delay remains.

But I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

So changed the deadband to 1%...

And it worked!

The response is now immediate. But of course a deadband of 1% is straight up dangerous. The board takes off if the wheel doesn't return exactly to zero or a fly lands on it.

It seems like 4% strikes the right balance between a livable deadzone and a livable input delay.

But this makes no sense. It must be a bug right?

I shouldn't have to reduce to the deadzone to eliminate this delay.

It's not clear to me if this is a bug in the firmware or a bug in the VX2.

The fact that the delay can be eliminated through a VESC change says to me that the bug is not in the VX2.

On the other hand the fact that the VX1 works perfectly with the default 15% deadzone setting says to me that the bug IS in the VX2.

This was so annoying to me for so long - it always felt like I was going to fall over when I would press all the forward on the throttle and nothing would happen... and THEN suddently it would go.

It would be great to get this fixed if it's possible to fix from the VESC side.

I'm running FW 5.2