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Migrate to STM32H7

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Migrate to STM32H7

Im currently having some issues with my FOC. Anyway I think part of the reason is the limited capabilities of my chines analog signal preparation as well as the "limited" ADC performance of the STM32H4.


Since the ADC performance is massively improved in the H7 compared to the F4 (mostly: internal calibration now involves compensation of non linearity of the ADC) - and the difference in pricing is low, I think it would be smart to think about porting the VESC to the H7.


Has somebody already done such a code migration/ is it planed to do?

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I don't think any plans are in the works, Benjamin keeps figuring out how to get more and more out of a rather dated MCU!  If you're thinking of working on this yourself i would consider the G4 series since it's very cost competitive, is super fast, and has some nice ADCs (not sure about internal calibration).

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I found this file in the current firmware.

does this mean VESC has been ported?