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VESC as generator - settings confirmation

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VESC as generator - settings confirmation

I have a BLDC motor coupled to a 2-stroke engine to use as a generator, and I want to use the VESC to perform active rectification of the power to the DC bus. 


I know that I can change the settings for "Motor Current Max Brake" and "Battery Current Max Regen" but I was hoping somebody could give some advice about my strategy here. 


I will have batteries in parallel with the generation system, however when the generator is running there is also an electrical load that is using the energy that is generated. I have a circuit board that is controlling the throttle of the gas engine in order to manage the system power demands, and also to limit current into the batteries (via an inline current sensor), so I am not worried about overcharging the batteries. Therefore, I just want the VESC to rectify at full efficiency, without any current limiting or anything like that. In this case, do I just set those two settings to a very high value? I mean, higher than anything I would ever expect to see in practice? In my case, I do not expect to see more than 55 amps DC generated at full load. 


Please let me know if that makes sense, or if anyone has experience running the VESC solely for generation. 


Thanks for reading.