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Initial startup time

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Initial startup time

Hi together!

I have been googling around for some time now, as well as looking (not too deep) over the firmware source code, but did not find my answer...

It seems like the VESCs take around 5 secs. until they respond to anything (CAN bus, VESC tool USBUART connection, etc). What (and where) is the source of this behaviour?
My goal is to have an almost instant startup, maybe it can be set somewhere i didn't look before.

I am using different HW, old VESCs and also Flipsky, and different (also the newest) Firmware 5.03

Thank you in advance,

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It simply needs some time to boot up.

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This is not really helpful. Because I write STM32 embedded software myself, and I don't see the firmware running linux or something heavy to boot up.

Hoping someone shows up who knows the code!

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Hello is to late for reply to rxty but i reply for anyone else looking for the same query

After measuring boot time i found mcpwm_foc_init take ~4s

you can see

while (UTILS_AGE_S(v_in_stable_time) < 2.0) {

he wait Vin are stable for more of 2S then he wait a minimum of 2S

and in


chThdSleepMilliseconds(1000); //i not know why but i thing is for wait current and phase voltage filter are stable but 1s is long

and after he sample 1000 time all phase for measuring phase current and voltage offset  (he request a wait of only one tick (20uS) but the rtos can wait more)

and one more 1000 sample for "Measure undriven offsets"

Then this startup time is a wait of hardware analog voltage is stable.