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Request for Example: Can communication with Libcanard

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Request for Example: Can communication with Libcanard

I have a python script that i'm using to interface with several VESCs. It's currently using pyuavcan v0. After some testing, it has become clear that python is inadequately equipped to deal with the timings required, and that I need to upgrade to c++.  With the recent naming update with uavcan into dronecan / libcanard / pyuavcan / cyphal, i have become very confused as to the easiest way to write a c++ application to interface with VESCs, and which library or service i should use to accomplish this.. I have a can device available on a raspberry pi and want to obtain esc status messages and publish esc command messages to a vesc via CAN. 

Does anyone have a successful implementation of sending RPM commands and receiving VESC status in C++?