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adiv5.h adiv5_dp_abort function confusion

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adiv5.h adiv5_dp_abort function confusion

I am a newer for VESC.  Compiler can not pass when I migration to IAR in adiv5_dp_abort function.  This function should return a value, but it defined void. I'm not sure the influence, but it maybe cause error discard in some case.

static inline void adiv5_dp_abort(struct ADIv5_DP_s *dp, uint32_t abort)
    return dp->abort(dp, abort);

Another way, I have already passed through IAR compiler, the main problem is IAR is not support GNU now.  But IAR 9.2 support GNU, which improved to support binary data type like 0b00000001.  But vasprintf function is not yet. 

Today, I test vasprintf in MDK, which support now. So, I will migrate to MDK compiler later.

It's important to debug in windows system. Ubuntu is OK, but it's too complicated in operation.