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CAN Analyzer

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CAN Analyzer

hi. We are using VESC and CAN Analyzer(UCAN v2.0). We have some problem. And we want to receive the information about VESC by using CAN Analyzer.

Here is the VESC CANBUS Protocol. 



Our VESC CANBUS ID is 59(hex). So,We expect that we will receive the message ID which has 0x00000059. But in Analyzer, Our Messages are some different. 



We receive a message ID which is 18040A59 and 18015559. This is weird!!

We set CAN_STATUS 1_2_3_4_5 at VESC Tool, BUT Only 1 STATUS(ID:18040A59) is come out!!!

And Our VESC ID is 59(hex), I want to know about the meaning in front of 59. (ex.18040A, 180155) 

What's problem? How can we solve it?? Please tell me.