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Bluetooth LE not working with Vesc Tool 3.01

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Bluetooth LE not working with Vesc Tool 3.01

Maybe I'm missing something, trying to connect with Vesc tool to my Vesc 4.12 with a nRF51822. Tried on Windows and Linux. On Android everything is working. I can see the Vesc in the bluetooth options on both Linux and Windows and in the tab down in Vesc Tool while refreshing I can see only in Linux the Vesc.

Do I have something to do in the operating system it self like pairing or setting up the device ?

Using Vesc Tool 3.01


Already working in Linux, did not choose the right device in the dropdown menu after refreshing.

But should BLE also work in Windows ?, there where some issue's in the past with QT not supporting Bluetooth LE. Can't get it to work with Windows.

I can find the device with a BLE scanner in Windows:


But nothing in the dropmenu after refreshing:




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Windows is still not supported for that feature. You can connect to your phone and activate a TCP bridge in VESC-Tool mobile. Then you can connect via your phone to the VESC-devices.