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Multiple VESCs on the same battery

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Multiple VESCs on the same battery

Hi guys, I really appreciate the VESC forum for the help received in the past posts. Now I want to understand if it possible using Trampa hardware to build a system with multiple controller connected at the same battery. For the moment we want to use a 13s4p battery pack using Trampa BMS. Is it possible to connect at the BMS approximately five controller of different type for example: 2xVESC 75/300, 1x100/250 and 2xVESC 6 MkV and other devices that drain current from battery? In our case the top three in some circumstances can regen high current and help the battery when high power are needed to the other utilities. Is it possible when battery are low or our demand exceed the peak power of the battery to use directly the current generated for the one controller to others via BMS?