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Problem with BLDC motor direction and code starting sequence.

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Problem with BLDC motor direction and code starting sequence.

Hi everyone,

I am testing a BLDC motor with VESC HW4.10 hardware version. I am flashing the firmware Version 5.03 into VESC using openocd.

Problems are

1. Motor changes it's direction when the throttle is rapidly rotated from zero to higher value. No problem occures when the throttle is taken smoothly.

2. When the throttle is held at very low value, motor vibrates but does'nt rotate. when i monitor the Rotor position it changes rapidly from 0 to 360 degrees as it changes when motor runs properly.

3. Motor starts with a jerk.

4. What is the starting sequence of code when i want to run the BLDC motor with the following configuration

.......................FOC mode with hall effect sensors.

.......................NO Hybrid mode.

It seems like there is a problem with observer but I am not sure about the code flow for my configuration. So i need help in understanding the need of observer and it's working.


NOTE: When i run the same setup by flashing and configuring the VESC with VESC-tool, it works perfectly fine but to me there is lot's of gap in my understanding when working this way.