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Motor compatibility (and power levels)

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Motor compatibility (and power levels)

Hi everyone.

I'm in the early stages of making an e-motorcycle (full size, licensed, etc).  I really like the VESC controllers, particularly the open-source ethos.  As such, the design plan is to start with the assumption that the controller will be VESC based.

I have some related questions:

  • It seems that the VESC is highly tunable, and would probably work with just about any motor?
  • I'm thinking of using the ME1616 motor with the 75/300 -- is that possible?
  • The ME1616 is rated 20KW continuous.  Some basic math tells me that the 75/300 is rated for (~67v * 300A) = ~20.1KW continuous (ignoring battery sag).  Sounds like they're well suited?
    • The ME1616 is 55KW peak, and the 75/300 is 30KW peak, so we're good there.
  • Doing the same math above for the 100/250 yields a bit more power -- would the 100/250 be a better choice if the battery voltage is attainable?  The 75/300 is kinda marketed as "the max."  The goal is for good torque-y acceleration with decent high end.


-- Eric