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VESC6 MK5 CAN communication does not work

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Andy Moon
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VESC6 MK5 CAN communication does not work

Hi! I designed VESC6 MK5 custom board using VESC6 MK5 schematic and all functions work well without any problems and both VESCs use 5.3 version Firmware.

But I tried to control two same boards using CAN communication but I cannot communicate two boards using CAN communication.


It seems the master VESC6 MK5 cannot find the slave VESC6 MK5 when I scan CAN device using VESC tool, I use VESC tool 3.01 version and it shows local CAN device only.

And I checked both master and slave VESCs CAN RX and TX lines and found both Master and Slave CAN TX lines make some signal but both Master and Slave RX lines are H and it does not have any signal.


Do you think I made some mistake or my settings were not correct?

Could you please let me know how to use CAN communication for dual VESCs?

Thank you.