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NRF connection error

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NRF connection error


This week I received the Stormcore 100D, and connect the "Wand" controller to it.. first everything works fine over the UART connection via the NRF dongle that came with the remote,

but I changed the general app setting "app to use" to NRF. After that the Stormcore gives an error every time it startup. Now I find out when disconnecting the dongle, the Stormcore startup normal

and the Wand Remote connects with the internal module and works fine. Only when I'm turning of the Wand remote, the motors start to make a weird sound and when turning back on the remote it disappears.

Where did I go wrong?

already done:

- Update Firmware once again

- Setup Motors again

- Setup Input again

- and set the "app to use" back on UART (the remote still connects without the NRF dongle connected to the Stormcore)