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Welcome to the VESC-Project Beta forum! We hope you all like your VESC SIX and the new Software. If you have any questions, please post them on this forum. We will have a close look at all your questions, remarks and suggestions. VESC-Tool has a fair amount of documentation build in (just click on the ? buttons), but we know questions will arise. Have a good time testing out the Hardware and Software. Always stay on the safe side! Frank
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Hey Frank, Ted, Benjamin,

Happy to be part of the BETA of the V6 ! Be strong Benjamin !

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Thanks Frank! Looking forward to getting my hands on the new VESC Six!

Off to d/l the new VESC Tool and poke about...

Ben - heal up quickly and thoughts are with you my friend!

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Site is very neat, I like it.

Looking forwards to working with this gadet!

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VESC tool looks great, many useful new features. Is it possible to access source version of the included build to use? I need to make a couple of hwconfig adjustments to run on my board. Or I can send my VESC 4 hw config files if you don't want people to have source access yet.

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Hi frank, ted, ben
And all Betas

I am very happy to be a Beta for the new Vesc! My Mountainboard is ready to plug in!
The new tool Looks great.
(Sry for my bad english)

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Nice place. Really like it.
Thanks for continuing with this project Benjamin, Thanks Frank and Ted for helping it happen.
Can't wait for my new toys !

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just finished my first test drive, works great! wow what a piece of technology

I have a 12s single drive 6374 192kv + i'm 100kg and with the old vesc even with extra cooling it started to overheat within 5 min. Now with the new vesc not a single issue.

I tried both BLDC and FOC but i still prefer the more agressive sound(feeling) of BLDC.

To me the JST connector is unnecessary complicated. A lot of people now cannot start because they don't have connector like that at home for the receiver. If you make that discussion also supply the connector to my opinion.

Downloading the upgraded vesc-tool 0.78 was a bit unclear to me. I needed this because mine also missed the bootloader. At the end I re-ordered the tool and used the new download link.

Downloading the manual also unclear to me. I think not possible at the moment.

But hey we are still in BETA stage :slight_smile:

For the rest. Very well done