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Maximum Motor RPM will not reached

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Maximum Motor RPM will not reached


for a new project i decided to use BLDC motors, this is the first time i work with BLDC motors and now i can't get any further.

I set up the motors and input with the wizard as described in many videos.

I use a Flipsky 6384 190KV with Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20.

At 44V and 190KV the motor should make 8360 RPM?

I measured the RPM and the motor is only making about 2500 revs.

In the most of the videos mention that incorrect settings can destroy the VESC, I don't want to work with try and error here.

In the Input Setup Wizard, under PPM configuration, I found the setting PID Max. ERPM. The value is set to 15000, increasing this value makes the motor spin faster.

Can I slowly increase the value until the motor is running at the target speed. without killing something.

Or is there somewhere, another setting to increase the RPM.

Thanks in advance