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PAS app: limit current depending on actual velocity

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PAS app: limit current depending on actual velocity

Hello, I would like to modify the PAS application to make sure that:

  1. At velocities below 6 km/h, there is no limit on current, so it can start with high load in a sloped street
  2. At velocities higher than 6 km/h limit the current to be sure that the actual output power is less than 250W (power = torque x angular velocity)
  3. At velocities higher than 25 km/h, the output is zero


The angular velocity can be calculated calling mcpwm_get_rpm(). This returns erpm, so I have to divide by half the number of poles. The question is: VESC sends to VESC_Tool the actual velocity? or VESC_Tool calculate it from the expressions above? Have anybody done something like that?

Thanks in advance, best regards.