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CAN bus rate, Flipsky Mini FSESC6.7

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CAN bus rate, Flipsky Mini FSESC6.7

I have a few (8) of the Flipsky Mini FSESC6.7 ESCs.  These are being used in a robotics application and need to be controlled over a CAN bus.

Here is the issue, no matter what I set the CAN bus settings to on the ESC it outputs the same data, only message ID 0x9XX and at a rate that anything but what I have set it to.  It looks to be running at about 1kHz, 10Hz is what I want.  The timestamps in the wireshark output show how bad it is.  The ESC is running the latest firmware that it will allow.  There is definitely something on the bus to receive and ACK the packets, in fact I can decode them.

I have also used a Flipsky mini FSESC4.2 and it behaves as expected with respect to the CAN bus settings.

Any ideas why the CAN seettings don't work?  Setting it to not send CAN data does stop it but all the other CAN message modes yield the same result.

Screenshot from 2022-01-17 10-01-17.png

Screenshot from 2022-01-17 10-02-12.png