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Can't connect my FSESC through USB

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Can't connect my FSESC through USB

Hi all,


I ran my FSESC 4.20 based on VESC 4 through VESC tools, updated the firmware, changed configs as I saw fit and configured input all good. After disconnecting, the ESC seemed to be working fine, it controlled the motor just as intended and reacted quite well to the input commands. However, when I tried to reconnect it to test a different input method, the PC wouldn't recognize the FSESC 4.20 anymore.

I tried three different USB cables, and they're working fine with different devices. Also tested all USB ports in the computer and they also seem to be working fine. I looked for the COM port in device manager, but it isn't there. I can connect my STM32 Nucleo board through USB and COM port will show up, but nothing with the FSESC 4.20. When I look in the device manager, the FSESC 4.20 shows as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). Does anyone know what is happening and how to fix this?