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Autonomous RC car with Focbox suddenly stops

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Autonomous RC car with Focbox suddenly stops

Hi everyone,

I am using an Enertion Focbox VESC on a RC car which is controlled by a Nvidia Jetson Tx2 computer. The computer sends speed/steering numbers to Focbox VESC, and the VESC drives the car. I recently found that if the computer made the car to slowdown aggressively, for example, from 15mph to 5mph in about half of a second, the car would actually stop( pause) and then resume the drive after a bit. As you can see from this video My car is the big one and it was racing with a smaller blue car autonomously. When the race started, the two car almost collided so my computer send command the VESC to reduce the speed from 15mph to 5mph. However, my car actually stopped for a bit. This is not what I want. I just want the car to reduce the speed, not stop. I do not know the root cause of this. I am think it may be related to some setting in the VESC(, for example, break current was too high at the moment so the VESC shutdown the car?) I am not familiar with VESC and have no idea how to debug this. Can anyone help?

Thank you very much.