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Right hardware for FW:60 and FSESC6.6

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Right hardware for FW:60 and FSESC6.6

Hello, am on my quest to finding the right board selection that was made for the HW:60 FW. Or in short how do I recompile code from Benjamin's BLDC repo for firmware 5.2 HW:60? what  changes do i need to make?

it surely is not one of the following according to the asking and digging around i have been doing:

//#define HW60_IS_MK3
//#define HW60_IS_MK4
//#define HW60_IS_MK5

So, is it this one? I need to recompile it with servo set to output because of my app, and i dont want to risk bricking my ESC ... yet

// Benjamins first HW60 PCB with PB5 and PB6 swapped