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Green LED on older VESC, v4.12?

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Green LED on older VESC, v4.12?

Hello. I have nice operation of my VESC 4.12? from China when I operate in PWM mode and connected to a Futaba R617FS receiver. 

I used the VESC Input Wizard to calibrate the VESC to the pulsewidth range of the R617FS.

Now I have built my own electronics to generate RC pulses, for use instead of the RC receiver.

My electronic assembly makes pulses just like those of the RC receiver: same pulse period, same range of pulsewidth.

The VESC responds to the signals from the RC receiver and it gives a very bright green LED.

              If I wait until well after VESC power-on to turn on the Futaba T8FGS transmitter, the green LED stays dim at VESC powr-on.

              The when I turn on the transmitter 30 seconds later, the green LED becomes very bright and the VESC responds to changes in pulsewidth.

              All good so far.


However, for my home-built electronic things, the green LED remains dim when the VESC is receiving pulses from my hardware.

   Never get a very bright green LED.
  I have observed same pulse amplitude, same pulse period, same zero-signal pulsewidth as for the RC receiver.

  Note: I am powering my VESC from an AC-DC converter.  20 volts. Through a 30 foot long 12-gauge wire-pair + 20 milliFarad cap at the VESC.

            This works OK for use with the RC receiver.

What might be wrong ?

Under what conditions does the green LED change to glow "very bright" ?

Thank you for your help.