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VESC Tool for Android & GPS/GNSS sharing?

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VESC Tool for Android & GPS/GNSS sharing?

Is there an issue with the Android VESC tool that keeps it from being able to share the phone's GPS/GNSS with other apps?  I'm trying to run the data collection in the background (using Developer->Enable RT Data Logging) and the first few dozen entries in the log have valid GPS information (time, lat, long, alt, velocities & accelerations), but as soon as I start up a second app that uses the phone's GPS ("Ride With GPS" in my case), the VESC Tool logger logs -1 for time and zeros for all of the rest of the GPS information.  This continues until the end of my ride, when I exit the Ride With GPS app, at which time the VESC Tool again logs valid data until I stop logging.

I have other apps which use GPS that are able to run concurrently with no problem - it's just VESC Tool that doesn't seem to get GPS data when another app is also reading GPS values.

This was using VESC Tool for Android version 3.00 on a Google Pixel 4a 5G running Android 11.

Any tips, workarounds, etc. would be appreciated.