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Can´t increase current by increase RPM

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Can´t increase current by increase RPM


the problem occured when we were testing large batch of propellers along with VESC 6 MkV. We have stumbled across the problem that current hasn´t increased while increasing RPM value on some propellers with larger pitch. Our powersource voltage was 22 V, current limit was 31A. On the 18x10 and 18x11 was not possible to reach higher current than 29A (and increased RPM), eventhou we have increased the ERPM limit in software. It seems to be some other limitation by torque.




A shown in picture 18x6 has no problem to reach max RPM and max current, while 18x10 and 18x11 are limited by torque. Could someone tell if it is possible to remove limitation?

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You can shoot more amps towards the motor, but maybe it saturates and more amps do not produce more power output. What is the motor you are using? How is it detected in VESC-Tool amp wise?