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How to start a new VESC 6 hardware project

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How to start a new VESC 6 hardware project


I was thinking about doing my version of VESC for pretty long time. I started working on schematics for VESC 6 mk V based board but I have some worries about compatibility with VESC Tool / Firmware.

Is it sufficient to create a proper header file for my pins definitions in hwconf/ folder in order to make original firmware work with my board? 

From what I see, there are a lot more designs based on VESC v4 that I could base my project on but there are only few projects based on VESC 6. The hardware part should not be hard to make but I don't want to end up writing my own firmware.


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You are getting it wrong. The hardware design part would be the most difficult in this case. By hw design, I mean not simply building boards but also debugging and making it work reliably.

The software part is already there for you requiring minimum adjustments. V6 is a superior design allowing to support a wider range of motors such as low inductance ones. v4 requires one less current sensor and that's really the major difference which can be adjusted in the software/firmware with one line of code. 



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