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ADC Brake while stand , not parking brake

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ADC Brake while stand , not parking brake

Hi guys 

Just another  brake question ,  as I try to    finish my  Gokart project 

Is there anyone who know how to fix brake / keep motor position while stop ?

I am not   talking about parking brake as it push  20.....50A  to your motor  (depend on settings)  to hold on wheel 

Regen brake is good when you  drive  fast, if slowing down ...and down ...and down efficiency of brake  is going poor and finally  will not stop till 0

what I need  is to apply brake  when is  1-2km/h (190-380erpm) for example) and hold on  the wheel.

and keep  position,  but not  push   Ampers to motor if no need ...just  let VESC  to control motor position 

If full brake can  apply 50A  to brake , while  stop , is no need apply that much, but when you   want to move  wheel,   it will  start  more and more Ampers 2....5.....10.....20...50A...depend how  much you want to turn  wheel

of course I use a sensored motor and FOC 


or maybe another way to  make a good brake?   cant use mechanical brake  because not  have spae to install  disc.

Thx in advance 


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In fact, another hw could be a solution. One of the job of that hw is to make the speed input of vesc is zero, when braked, and all the mosfets on the hw will short the phase legs of the motor.