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VESC 5.1 CAN conntection: current values

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VESC 5.1 CAN conntection: current values


i have connected a VESC compatible Hardware from MakerX via CAN-Bus to my MCU (STM32). I read all CAN messages from 1 to 5.

Fast changing values like the motor-current and the battery-current tend to show strange behaviour. E.g. I observe the values with the VESC Tool and it shows the current between 0.8A and 0.9A what is a plausible value for the setup. However, the current data that is extracted by the extern MCU via CAN-Bus shows values between -2A and +2A.

I already tried a lot of possible configurations (Message Update Rate, Baud Rates, Task Execution Limits on RTOS on MCU etc.).

Do you have any recommendations on that?


Thank you and kind regards